Sunday, December 21, 2008

Maria Watches Over Us~Printemps~

Got Marimite S2 yesterday, but haven't watched it yet.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Finished watching the Tagalog dub on Monday. Really wish I'd grabbed the Shizuru/Natsuki swimsuit figure set a year or two ago, but I hadn't seen the show yet. The karaoke scene was great yuri fodder; Midori and Yukariko are latent lesbians if their drunken passes are anything to go by. Yukino/Haruka had the slightly more bittersweet resolution that I expected of Tomoyo/Sakura.

Ending's a bit all too conveniently wrapped up, but it suits the show.

Old school yuri

Never finished watching Simoun. I like to say that it was because of the fansub typography, but I can watch H anime with Hong Kong bootleg DVD subtitles, so it's really because I don't care about the characters. By the ninth episode that's a huge stumbling block. I'll get the boxset from Media Blasters...eventually. Meanwhile I'd rather buy Ramen Fighter Miki from them.

The kind of yuri I like is probably considered too fanservicey or not yuri at all by some. Like Miyuki-chan in Wonderland. Corvette trying to seduce Mimu in Idol Project. B-ko's unrequited love for C-ko. Nova/Hikaru in Magic Knight Rayearth.

Recently saw Kimagure Orange Road episode 42 for the first time. Must've missed it on Star Phoenix channel way back when, assuming they aired it at all. Sumire was a Madoka fangirl before Akane in the OVAs.

Still haven't seen Oniisama e, but given the high quality of Osamu Dezaki/Akio Sugino works, it's a given I'll watch it, yuri or not. One of the Black Jack OVAs had a hint of yuri; not sure which came first.

And of course there's Cream Lemon. Escalation did Japanese lesbian Catholic schoolgirls decades before Marimite! Pop Chaser and Star Trap mixed yuri and science fiction, two of my favorite things. After School XXX had one of the hottest yuri threesomes ever; unfortunately it counts as two girls raping the third, since they blackmailed her into it. I don't believe in calling rape "non-consensual sex" in porn/erotica.